The Truth about Cell Tower Leasing and Rates

The Truth about Cell Tower Leasing and Rates

Are the cell tower lease rates profitable for you? Cell tower leasing is extremely popular today, and there are thousands who’re choosing to rent their land to companies who deal with mobile and wireless communications. However, are you getting the best possible deal? Some property owners have no clue what they’re doing when it comes to leasing, and sometimes, the rates aren’t that impressive either. Here are a few truths about cell tower leasing and rates you need to know about. To get about  conservation practices and land leases, click here.

Unless You Know the Tower Leasing Language, You’ll get A Raw Deal

Do you understand the lingo surrounding cell tower leasing? To be honest, a lot of people get a bit confused over the technical jargon being thrown at them during the negotiation stage. It’s not ideal, and thousands are left with a bad deal. You do not want a poor deal, you want a really good and profitable deal but also a fair deal for both parties. Remember, if you are happy and the company is happy over the deal, they can continue to use your land for years to come. When it comes to a cell tower lease you have to be careful and get to grips with what it all means. If possible, get a consultant to help you.

The Truth about Cell Tower Leasing and Rates

Negotiating Takes Real Effort

Negotiating for a better deal is tough. Sometimes, certain companies are stubborn and refuse to budge over the rates they set or are willing to pay. When that happens, it’s important to walk away from the deal in hopes of getting a better deal; of course, you can take their offer, but it’s your choice. However, negotiating to get a better deal takes real time and effort and it’s not something most people are equipped to deal with either. Cell tower lease rates can work in your favor, but to get the rates you can profit from, it takes effort and determination. It’s not easy negotiating. You can also get an expert opinion on

Some Companies Can Walk Away

What you might not realize is that a cell tower lease can fall through because of the company’s refusal to budge over terms and may decide another location is best. What you might not know is that the company you’re dealing with is already in negotiations with another property owner over the use of their property. It’s actually quite surprising but it happens more often than you believe. Some companies want lower rates and compare two locations to see how much they can save! It’s not something a lot of property owners know about but it does happen and it’s something you have to be wary over when it comes to coming to agreements over rates. Learn more about some common mistakes made by cell tower lease landowners.

Leasing Is Simple, Negotiation Is Hard

Creating a lease for land is easy enough to do, and most people don’t have too much trouble with it either, but, that doesn’t always work out for everyone. There is a fair amount of negotiation needed, and that’s tough to say the least. You have two parties that want the same thing essentially – to make money – but getting to the right deal for both parties takes time. Negotiation usually is required and when that is the case, it’s a hard fight. Hopefully you can get the best cell tower lease rates.