Cell Tower Lease Consultant 7 Things To Look For

If you are pursuing this, you know. The correct cell tower lease consultant can be a colossal resource to have in your group! Have you been drawn nearer for another cell tower lease, a lease reestablishment, or a lease buyout? The correct cell tower consultant can save you time and get you more cash-flow!

What rules would it be advisable for you to look at while hiring a consultant?

We share with you the Top 7 Things To Look For In A Cell Tower Lease Consultant!

1. Pertinent Work Experience On The Carrier Side 

While hiring a CPA, a CPA who worked for the IRS is of higher incentive to you than a CPA who has never worked for the IRS. The CPA with experience working for the other party will have within track on the opposite side and realize how to profit by favorable circumstances.

A similar thought applies to cell tower lease consultants.

A consultant who addressed top cell telephone organizations will be of more incentive to you, at that point, a consultant who never addressed a cell telephone organization.

2. Uncommon Track Record of Results 

You are hiring a consultant for a specific something – results. Guarantee your consultant has a demonstrated history of results that address your issues.

  • Is it true that you are hoping to increase rents? Migrate a cell tower? Or then again sell your cell tower lease?
  • Have your consultant give you their history of results. Continuously request references, references, and approach them.
  • Be careful about consultants that reliably address numbers that look ridiculous (lease increases of 300%+). If it sounds unrealistic, it regularly is.
  • Discover somebody you can trust. Somebody who will give you practical outcomes and not murder your arrangement!

3. Comprehend Your Expert’s Proposal And Fees 

Talk with your consultant to characterize the proposed extent of work. On the off chance that their proposition incorporates whatever was not examined, that could be a warning.

A few consultants need 25%+ of all your lease for the remainder of the existence of the lease. Watch out! On the off chance that it doesn’t sound right, it most likely isn’t right.

There is a market cell tower lease rate for expenses. On the off chance that an expense sounds high, it most likely is. Check here!

4. Affirm You Are Working With The Owner Of The Company 

As the cell tower industry develops, so does the size of the staff of counseling firms.

Try not to permit yourself to be given to a “Counselor” who isn’t the “Organizer.”

5. Customer References From Accredited Institutions 

Guarantee you are working with top type ability and require references from authorizing establishments. If a cell tower lease consultant has references from mother and-pop landowners run.

6. Guarantee Your Consultant Has No Conflict Of Interest 

A few consultants you may discover on the web have direct irreconcilable situations.

A few “consultants” measure right of the first refusal demands AT&T; others accomplish direct provisional labor for T-Mobile or AT&T.

If a consultant works for a remote transporter, you can wager their devotion will be with the remote transporter and not the landowner.

7. Ensure You Will Enjoy Who You Work With 

Life is short, have a great time! A few consultants can be jerks, while others will be more amiable. One of our competitors is our best sales rep. Individuals call that individual, don’t care for their character, and wind up hiring us afterward.

We are the go-to cell tower lease specialists! For more details read our article: https://www.bcsfuelcells.com/how-do-you-lease-land-for-a-cell-tower/

How do you lease land for a cell tower?

Leasing area to a cell tower consultant is an incredible chance to gain much cash over a significant period, however, it isn’t that simple to achieve.

What Are Cell Phone Companies Looking For?

Above all else, you should realize that only one out of every odd property is appropriate for facilitating a cell tower. Certain conditions must be met, above all, to the extent the area and the terrain (particularly stature) are concerned.

If your property isn’t reasonable for such purposes, you won’t have the option to rent it, regardless of how hard you are attempting to advertise it. If you possessed a media communications business, you would not squander cash on leasing area and building cell tower consultant that are not proficient.

Such companies have explicit areas where they are searching for accessible land, as per their requirements. They call these territories “search rings.”

Nonetheless, because of the cell phone networking development, these “search rings” are additionally continually growing. Media transmission companies send assessment groups to search for new land each year. They, for the most part, settle on their decisions dependent on long haul needs. An area that may appear to be futile right currently could be significant for their organization later on.

In any case, it is hard to foresee the “search rings” development locales for the forthcoming years, since; generally, neither the companies can do it. Check here!

How to Increase Your Land’s Attractiveness?

Are there viable approaches to draw the cell suppliers’ consideration of your property?

Here are some helpful hints:

  • Increase your territory’s deceivability introducing a sign by the nearest street or at your fence or entryway, with your contact information (phone number, email, on the off chance that you wish). Along these lines, when the operators sent by remote suppliers arrive at that zone, they are substantially more liable to reach you in any case.
  • Get data – Pay consideration regarding all data concerning possible cell tower improvements in your general vicinity. At the point when new towers are assembled, go to hearings, where you may get the opportunity to talk with companies’ operators. It would be shockingly better to get some inside data, for example, to have a few contacts, at any rate, one company.
  • Become an individual from committed affiliations – Cellular Site Landowners Association and other such gatherings offer you the chance of getting valuable data on late turns of events or exhortation on arranging your leasing contract.
  • Be tolerant – Lots of cell towers are being assembled each year, yet this likewise implies it might require some investment before someone is keen on your locale.
  • Stay associated with remote suppliers – While there is no compelling reason to demand since such companies have their determination models and bunches of choices to browse, reaching them, suppose, two times every year, does no damage. Inquire as to whether there is a current enthusiasm for your zone.
  • Be mindful – Individuals are offering “site posting administrations” that should make your property more noticeable to remote suppliers. They, for the most part, don’t work, so you ought not to squander cash on them. If you genuinely need to do it, inquire as to whether they are genuinely associated with those endeavors.
  • Beware of tricks – Check out devoted affiliations or Internet gatherings to see which offers are genuine and which are tricks.

Bottom line

On the off chance that you’ve effectively transformed your home into a cell tower property, we need to know! We can assist you in deciding the proper, honest evaluation and different business terms for any cell site rent arrangement. We suggest that you see if the intrigued WSP or cell tower consultant company is truly intrigued instead of “land-banking” the site for theory or future cell tower improvement. In any case, we suggest continuing –know that if they are land-banking, you may never observe any salary from the rent. For more information: https://www.bcsfuelcells.com/leasing-land-to-a-cell-tower-provider/

Leasing Land to a Cell Tower Provider

Cell tower companies are always looking for lands to lease. As a landowner who wants to make a good investment over a considerable time period, leasing to a cell tower company is a great strategy.  Of course, there are some criteria’s that need to be met first when leasing to a cell provider, but once that is out of the way, this kind of investing is a great source of side revenue.

How to attract Cell Tower Companies to lease your land?

Firstly, you need to do research on what cell companies are looking for? Not all land can be feasible for a cell tower. Identifying the correct conditions regarding the location and the terrain for a cell tower is ideally step one. If these two criteria are not met, you cannot lease your land for a cell tower. Simply for any company, the basic conditions are: is your land in a secluded area and on a high hill?

Depending on where the land is, it is important to note that there might be some competition. Most likely if you are trying to lease your land to a cell tower company because it is suitable, there might be neighbors in the same interest area. More details!

Cell Tower Consultancy

For those who are either leasing their land for the first time to cell providers or are already experienced in this area, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Get information, do research –Research the market and see how you can compete, is the key to great success in leasing a land. Stay knowledgeable of all the cell tower developments in the area: what towers are newly being built in your area, how much are your neighbors leasing their land for etc.
  • Increase land visibility– Signs or billboards are a great way to advertise. A sign by a road or on your fence is an easy way to attract leasers.A simple sign with the contact information such as a phone number, email is all that is needed. If a cell provider agent happens to drive by, the sign will definitely increase attractiveness of your land.
  • Be patient –Always be ready for competition. As there are lots of cell towers being built every year you will have many competitors, especially if your area is suitable for cell tower installments.
  • Beware of scams–There are many sites online that claim “site listing services”. Beware of these scammers. These sites often times don’t work, and paying money to list your land on the site is not worth it.The best way to find the “right” cell provider association is to contact them directly.





7 Things To Look For In A Cell Tower Lease Consultant

Current estimates say that 95 percent of American adults have mobile devices and almost 80 percent own smartphones. That means mobile phone companies require many towers to connect all those phone calls. Cell towers require particular conditions to function correctly, so they can just climb in certain places. That puts it online for a lease if you own land in one of those places.

Getting the best lease rates requires negotiating with the cell tower company. You can hire a cell tower consultant or you can do it yourself. Here are 7 things to look for in a cell tower lease consultant:

1. Search Customer References

Consultants are not licensed, which means that anybody can call themselves a consultant. However, if you know your business, you will get many customer references. Request those references before making a firm agreement. If the references are valid, it is a good sign that you are dealing with a competent professional.

2. Demonstrate Experience

Lease agreements can be complicated with any number of clauses. A decent consultant should know these clauses. Ask the cell tower lease consultant you are considering explaining the update triggers. Update triggers are events that are supposed to trigger a change in payment. These must appear in the lease.

3. Transparent Rate Structure

Consultants use various rate structures ranging from fixed rates to commissions. What you should look for is a consultant with a transparent rate structure. That means that you know just what the consultant charges and what you get in return. Not all lease consultants use them, but you can even ask whether they have a rate schedule that you can review. Check here!

4. Are They Insured?

Cell Tower Lease Consulting is generally a business that serves customers. That means that your advisor must have some type of liability insurance. Though no consultant consciously does something that hurts a client, mistakes can occur. Liability insurance protects you and the consultant from possible future errors.

5. Do You Get Along with Them?

You do not need a new best friend in your cell tower lease consultant, but you should feel comfortable with them. Do not hire any consultant that bothers you. It is a recipe for arguments as well as bad blood. Keep searching until you find a consultant who is on the same page as you. You will finish up happier with their work and the lease agreement they get for you.

6. Right Resources to Navigate

Make sure you have the right resources to navigate. If you do not know the rules of the road, you need a professional who knows it exactly. By having a thorough knowledge of how each aspect of a cell phone tower transaction – financial, legal, development, and so on affects the final result, you will have a solid basis from which to orient yourself during the procedure.

7. Reflections on Hiring Consultants for Leasing Cell Towers

Hiring consultants is a lot like hiring other professionals. Look for consultants with strong client recommendations. They test their experience a bit to ensure they understand what they are talking about. Be sure to know your rate structure in advance. Keep in mind that you should never ask yourself what you are paying for.

You verify your insurance situation. At a minimum, they must carry liability insurance. So, you deal with intangibles. Do you like and trust the person in front of you? If not, then it is time for you to go to another cell tower consultant. Check out this site: https://medium.com/@PippaPayne579JlT/significance-of-getting-a-consultant-for-cell-tower-leasing-transactions-35600bb4c122

How Are Cell Tower Lease Rates Determined?


Open enthusiasm for cell tower lease has become in the course of the recent year and in light of current circumstances: ground leases for high-esteem cell destinations have furnished property proprietors with upwards of $50,000 to $100,000 in yearly rental expenses, and media transmission organizations are fabricating more cell locales consistently.

In any case, this does not imply that each cell tower rent understanding will net property proprietors versatile tower lease in this range; truth be told, numerous property proprietors are rather getting as meager as $100 per month for their cell tower lease rent.

Why the huge inconsistency?

The reality of the situation is that not all cell tower leases are made similarly: contingent upon the area of the cell site, organize requests of the region, and different factors, for example, cell site accessibility—the estimation of a telecom tower rent can vary incredibly.

Review the Lease

We will lead a careful cell tower rent evaluation. The procedure starts when we assess the terms and language of the cell tower rates, answer any inquiries you may have, and clarify this present reality impacts it will have on you in the short and long haul. We help you see how the terms in the tower rent impact the complete future esteem. We likewise address other budgetary terms found in your cell rent. Know why!

  • What would it be a good idea for you to get for heightening and how regularly?
  • What is a fitting alternative installment (regardless of whether they don’t offer one)?
  • Would it be advisable for you to request income sharing if extra inhabitants assemble space on the tower?
  • Would it be a good idea for you to be repaid for having a lawyer survey the rent?

Review the location

We audit the proposed area of the tower or site cautiously looking at the zoning mandate, zoning map, package map, property records, airborne and road see pictures in Google Earth, and other exclusive and non-restrictive data sources. We become acquainted with the property as though we were visiting it. the cell tower consultant will discuss with you and pose inquiries about the offer and your neighbors.

Find existing towers and cell locales in the region

cell tower consultant will analyses the tower database and discover what another place the remote specialist co-op or tower organization has other cell locales or towers in the region. We take a gander at transporter inclusion and from this data we make sense of what the targets are for the remote bearer.

Assess choices accessible to the renter

We at that point in reverse architect the pursuit ring-the zone where they have to discover a tower site. We make sense of where they should be and whether any current tower or other property in the territory would work for their motivations. We at that point furnish you with a guide demonstrating to you what the best three different choices are for them (if there are three) and rank them when contrasted with your property area.

Clarify Industry Dynamics

We will investigate current market elements, explicitly including the organization who has moved toward you, to decide how significant your exceptional property is in respect to other feasible choices.

Why you need a cell tower consultant?  Give Fair Market Valuation. Prescribe a Strategy. Even if you don’t require the whole value of your cell tower lease today, you may still be curious as to how much your lease is worth. If your site meets our criteria, we can provide you with a no-obligation analysis and site valuation, contact cell tower consultant for more information: https://www.towerleases.com/faq/.


Most Common Mistakes Made by Cell Tower Lease Landowners

Most Common Mistakes Made by Cell Tower Lease Landowners

You’re going to enter into cell tower lease negotiations, but, do you know what you’re doing?! Cell tower leasing is not as difficult as it appears to be, but only when you know what you’re doing! These contracts are created all the time and for the most part, they go without a hitch! Unfortunately, there are times when things don’t go right, and when that happens, it’s a very frustrating time. Do you know the most common mistakes made by cell tower lease landowners? learn more about the impact of land lease fee on landowners.

The DIY Approach!

While you might think you can handle everything that’s got to do with cell tower lease rates and leasing, think again! Opting for the old DIY approach might seem smart at the time, but, think about it and you will find it’s not actually the smartest approach to creating a cell tower lease. It’s really not the smartest idea and it’s not going to make you a superstar either! In truth, you’re more likely end up getting a bad deal and that’s not ideal! It’s a fairly common mistake but one which is made far too often.

Most Common Mistakes Made by Cell Tower Lease Landowners

No Research or Consultancy Over Land Rental Worth

What’s the rental value really worth? In all honesty, thousands of landowners don’t know the actual value of their land when it comes to cell tower leasing and it’s causing them to lose out – big time! It’s very important to understand the real value of the land. If you can understand this, you might be able to get a good cell tower lease which offers a decent profit. Unfortunately, lots of land and property owners don’t do any sort of research and it’s wasteful. It’s the same with a consultant. Owners don’t think about getting a consultant to help out with these deals. However, if you have no clue over rental value, how can you be sure you’re getting the best deal? It’s one of the more common mistakes made today. For consultancy on cell tower lease, click here.

Know Nothing of Cell Tower Leasing

What do you know about cell tower lease rates or leasing? Do you know what it really entails for your business? To be honest, a lot of people have no clue as to what it means for them to enter into a cell tower leasing contract. It’s one of the biggest and yet common, mistakes made by cell tower leasing landowners today! The problem is the landowner hasn’t taken the time to research cell tower leasing and what it means for them. It’s easy enough done, but, it’s not ideal to say the least. It’s so important to get to grips with this field entirely so that you can understand a little more about the whole subject in general. visit: https://www.steelintheair.com/lease-rates-database/ for cell tower database includes location data and lease rate data.

Make It Easy To Hammer Out a Cell Tower Lease

Leasing your land to a company takes time and careful consideration! You do not want to rush this decision or the lease negotiation phase either. You really do want a nice and simple way to deal with cell tower leasing and get a good contract into place. If you don’t want to deal with it personally, you could hire someone to help, that’s an authority within this field. Get the best cell tower lease rates and make the rental business easier for yourself!

Renegotiating a Cell Tower Lease – Can It Be Done?

Renegotiating a Cell Tower Lease – Can It Be Done?

Have you thought about renegotiating your cell tower lease? Thousands of property owners want to renegotiate their lease contract for whatever reason and while they would absolutely love to do it, it’s not always easy. However, can it be done? Well, that’s an interesting question to ask, simply because while it’s very much possible to renegotiate, it’s full of obstacles to overcome. So, what do you need to know about renegotiation?

Minimal Room to Maneuver

Renegotiation can be possible – however – it’s not always easy. It all depends on the first agreement you have, the first contract or lease. If the lease doesn’t state the property owner has the ability to terminate the contract then it’s going to make it far tougher to renegotiate. Why is that? The company knows the property owners don’t have room to maneuver! What that means is they are the ones in the best position possible and it’s not good for the property owner! That’s why a cell tower consultant is needed when the initial lease is being set out. Even if there hasn’t been one at the time, it’s good to get the support of these professionals now, during renegotiation phases.

Renegotiating a Cell Tower Lease – Can It Be Done?

All Agreements Must Be Set Out

Any and all points you hope to renegotiate over has to be set out in the initial agreement. Why is that? You have a way to come to the negotiation table with a bargaining chip and that makes a difference to say the least. Far too many people don’t realize that they need to have something to renegotiate over and if their initial contract doesn’t hold certain points like the property owner having the ability to terminate the lease, it’ll not be easy to renegotiate a cell tower lease. Get more detail on https://www.dnr.wa.gov/programs-and-services/product-sales-and-leasing/communications-towers

Renegotiation Is Possible – But It Won’t Be Easy

Renegotiating cell tower leases are possible. However, when it comes to renegotiating, it’s not going to be easy in any way shape or form! Remember, renegotiation is all about having a bargaining chip and if there is no bargaining chip it’s really difficult to make any progress. However, that doesn’t mean to say you cannot renegotiate, but it may be considerably tougher! It might be better to get a cell tower consultant to help with these matters. You might think it’s a waste of time or money but it’s actually not. These are the people who can help in a big way and it’s fantastic to say the least! You have to look to those who know what’s best for you and your lease agreement. Click here to get about Cell Tower Leasing and Rates.

Renegotiate If You Need To

There may be times when things change, and that might mean having to renegotiate your cell tower leasing agreement, which is possible to do. However, having to renegotiate won’t be easy, but, it is very much possible to do. You have to look at the original lease agreement you have and look at hiring a consultant to help you go through this progress, as well as an attorney. You have to try and get a better cell tower lease if you’re happy with it, and while renegotiations won’t be easy, it’s very much possible. Learn more about renegotiating a cell tower lease.

The Truth about Cell Tower Leasing and Rates

The Truth about Cell Tower Leasing and Rates

Are the cell tower lease rates profitable for you? Cell tower leasing is extremely popular today, and there are thousands who’re choosing to rent their land to companies who deal with mobile and wireless communications. However, are you getting the best possible deal? Some property owners have no clue what they’re doing when it comes to leasing, and sometimes, the rates aren’t that impressive either. Here are a few truths about cell tower leasing and rates you need to know about. To get about  conservation practices and land leases, click here.

Unless You Know the Tower Leasing Language, You’ll get A Raw Deal

Do you understand the lingo surrounding cell tower leasing? To be honest, a lot of people get a bit confused over the technical jargon being thrown at them during the negotiation stage. It’s not ideal, and thousands are left with a bad deal. You do not want a poor deal, you want a really good and profitable deal but also a fair deal for both parties. Remember, if you are happy and the company is happy over the deal, they can continue to use your land for years to come. When it comes to a cell tower lease you have to be careful and get to grips with what it all means. If possible, get a consultant to help you.

The Truth about Cell Tower Leasing and Rates

Negotiating Takes Real Effort

Negotiating for a better deal is tough. Sometimes, certain companies are stubborn and refuse to budge over the rates they set or are willing to pay. When that happens, it’s important to walk away from the deal in hopes of getting a better deal; of course, you can take their offer, but it’s your choice. However, negotiating to get a better deal takes real time and effort and it’s not something most people are equipped to deal with either. Cell tower lease rates can work in your favor, but to get the rates you can profit from, it takes effort and determination. It’s not easy negotiating. You can also get an expert opinion on www.towerleases.com

Some Companies Can Walk Away

What you might not realize is that a cell tower lease can fall through because of the company’s refusal to budge over terms and may decide another location is best. What you might not know is that the company you’re dealing with is already in negotiations with another property owner over the use of their property. It’s actually quite surprising but it happens more often than you believe. Some companies want lower rates and compare two locations to see how much they can save! It’s not something a lot of property owners know about but it does happen and it’s something you have to be wary over when it comes to coming to agreements over rates. Learn more about some common mistakes made by cell tower lease landowners.

Leasing Is Simple, Negotiation Is Hard

Creating a lease for land is easy enough to do, and most people don’t have too much trouble with it either, but, that doesn’t always work out for everyone. There is a fair amount of negotiation needed, and that’s tough to say the least. You have two parties that want the same thing essentially – to make money – but getting to the right deal for both parties takes time. Negotiation usually is required and when that is the case, it’s a hard fight. Hopefully you can get the best cell tower lease rates.