Cell Tower Lease Consultant 7 Things To Look For

If you are pursuing this, you know. The correct cell tower lease consultant can be a colossal resource to have in your group! Have you been drawn nearer for another cell tower lease, a lease reestablishment, or a lease buyout? The correct cell tower consultant can save you time and get you more cash-flow!

What rules would it be advisable for you to look at while hiring a consultant?

We share with you the Top 7 Things To Look For In A Cell Tower Lease Consultant!

1. Pertinent Work Experience On The Carrier Side 

While hiring a CPA, a CPA who worked for the IRS is of higher incentive to you than a CPA who has never worked for the IRS. The CPA with experience working for the other party will have within track on the opposite side and realize how to profit by favorable circumstances.

A similar thought applies to cell tower lease consultants.

A consultant who addressed top cell telephone organizations will be of more incentive to you, at that point, a consultant who never addressed a cell telephone organization.

2. Uncommon Track Record of Results 

You are hiring a consultant for a specific something – results. Guarantee your consultant has a demonstrated history of results that address your issues.

  • Is it true that you are hoping to increase rents? Migrate a cell tower? Or then again sell your cell tower lease?
  • Have your consultant give you their history of results. Continuously request references, references, and approach them.
  • Be careful about consultants that reliably address numbers that look ridiculous (lease increases of 300%+). If it sounds unrealistic, it regularly is.
  • Discover somebody you can trust. Somebody who will give you practical outcomes and not murder your arrangement!

3. Comprehend Your Expert’s Proposal And Fees 

Talk with your consultant to characterize the proposed extent of work. On the off chance that their proposition incorporates whatever was not examined, that could be a warning.

A few consultants need 25%+ of all your lease for the remainder of the existence of the lease. Watch out! On the off chance that it doesn’t sound right, it most likely isn’t right.

There is a market cell tower lease rate for expenses. On the off chance that an expense sounds high, it most likely is. Check here!

4. Affirm You Are Working With The Owner Of The Company 

As the cell tower industry develops, so does the size of the staff of counseling firms.

Try not to permit yourself to be given to a “Counselor” who isn’t the “Organizer.”

5. Customer References From Accredited Institutions 

Guarantee you are working with top type ability and require references from authorizing establishments. If a cell tower lease consultant has references from mother and-pop landowners run.

6. Guarantee Your Consultant Has No Conflict Of Interest 

A few consultants you may discover on the web have direct irreconcilable situations.

A few “consultants” measure right of the first refusal demands AT&T; others accomplish direct provisional labor for T-Mobile or AT&T.

If a consultant works for a remote transporter, you can wager their devotion will be with the remote transporter and not the landowner.

7. Ensure You Will Enjoy Who You Work With 

Life is short, have a great time! A few consultants can be jerks, while others will be more amiable. One of our competitors is our best sales rep. Individuals call that individual, don’t care for their character, and wind up hiring us afterward.

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